HERELINK - Compatible camera list

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Yes, we have tested the Go Pro Hero 10 Black with media mod and it works with Herelink.


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Is there any updates to this list? I see here and in several other posts that the Workswell wiris camera is not working.

I update the list each time someone report a working or not compatible camera


Has it been working well?

I’d like to know what is the latency when using this converter?

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I just read on this post that the Hawkeye Firefly Split Mini Version 4K has been discontinued…
Sadly, it was a pretty good camera for the Herelink … Would you have any recommendations for a similar small fpv HDMI camera ?

Does it have a HDMI port ?

Yes, it had a mini-HDMI port which was the main reason why it was compatible with Herelink

Can anyone confirm if the Herelink system works with a Canon 6d mk1?

Please update working list for:

  • Panasonic GH6
  • Sony FX6 (1080P mode)
    Cameras HDMI is fully woriking with HereLink including full camera control via
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GoPro 6——out of the box
Hawkeye 4K card V3 camera——out of the box

What is the model of the Hawkeye 4k camera

HawkEye FireFly 4K HD DVR Mini FPV Camera

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Mapir Survey 3 camera works out of the box (1080p/30).
As Mapir is essentially rebranded Gitup 3 Duo, these should work as well.
Image can be flipped on HDMI out (ie camera can be mounted upside down as well).
These cameras have support for external GPS receiver and can overlay GPS coordinates on image.

Tarot TL10X-T2D 2-axis gimbal zoom camera works out of the box (1080p/30fps).

Mapir 3 and Tarot added, thanks @frame

Any of these action camera work with herelink ?
Apeman A79
Apexcam 4K 20MP
Akaso EK7000 4K30FPS

I’m happy to confirm also

  • ShareUAV 6100
    camera is compatible @Julien

edit: sorry, I’m blind.

Anyone tested GoPro Hero9 with a USB C to Micro HDMI cable?
The Media Mod is not waterproof so I can’t use it