Herelink data link issue


I am facing a wired issue in my herelink unit, after considerable amount of usage say, 2 flights, controller is not having any telemetry, rc control exisit I couldnt get the data, I am forced to either reset the unit or update and flash the firmware again, this process keeps repeating, I am using on a custom hexacopter, with kore carrier board.
Any help on this would be really helpful.

How many voltage are you supplying to the air unit?

Initially I supplied 5v but now shifted to 7 volts.

Can you check if the uart cable is normal?

Yes, all cabling fine, we didn’t alter anything, it is working, but keeps resetting after few hours of use, and I am forced to reset them.

Can you try if this happen on beta firmware?

This is also happening to me and others. Have radio control but no telemetry