HereLink external antenna


I want to connect external antenna tl-ant2424 which has ~24dBi to increase range. So I have a question if HereLink ground unit uses 75 or 50 Ohms connectors ? Connectors are mini-bnc ?

At this time I have a little bit more than 5 km distance with stable video transmitting, and I need at least 10,5 km. if to take transmission with artifacts and signal disappearance maybe 9 km in some cases until totally lost signal.

fixed wing, 220 m altitude.

As far as range is concerned, external interference would be my first thing to fix.
Second, where and how are your antennas mounted on the plane?


Antennas are attached to the plane sides with some angles, similar to the example in the manual. I understand about external interferences, but in rural enviroment and such altitude it cannot have such big influence. we using long range telemetry 868 MHz with connected to it RC controller to minimize possible interference. Also with HereLink we was tens meters away from RC and long rage transceiver.
If HereLink is near RC transmitter ir gives interferences, but if we go even few meters away the signal became much better, so we decided to have test with transmission with more distance between transmitters. HereLink was used only for the video transmission.

So we want to test with external antenna to see what happens. It is easier to change antenna than change of the plane design and manufacturing.

So if I get answer to previuos question it helps us a lot and developing will be faster. :slight_smile: Thank You

I assume you mean HereLink?

So you have high power 868MHz onboard… both ends of the radios cause the same issues, if the base is having that issue, so will the air.

What are you using for RC? Why not HereLink?

Or is the RC over the 868MHz link?

How are you powering these radios? Individual power supplies?

Yes, Herelink.
Everything is implemented at this time and it is easier to use only video transmitting. Also I have some specification on separation of control and video transmitting systems. How I write before, I want to test with minimal changes on the plane at first, furthermore I have antenna tracker with possibilities to use better gain antenna, so why not to use it and “maybe” to have a better results ? if only the cable is needed.
The small help will be great without any impact on the HereLink.

Hello, I have exactly same questions. I don’t know why CubePilot don’t want to share to us information about connectors. I know from that these connectors aren’t mini-BNC but customized SMA connectors. If it’s true, impedance of SMA is 50 Ohm’s.

Well that’s just silliness!

There is nothing “custom” they are standard connectors, and I have answered this question multiple times in multiple places.

The reason however for my continued questions is that until you ensure there are no direct issues that are causing the lack of range you are seeing, making modifications is very unwise! If you choose to modify the equipment, but refuse to listen to advice given by a veteran in this industry, then please do not bother coming to the forums, and don’t complain if things do not go to plan.

My time is valuable, so I’m not going to waste it supporting those that won’t listen anyway.


mini BNC For controller
MMCX for Air unit


Forgive me for being wrong, but my info is directly from, so I wanted to share it with you. I don’t want to waste anyone time. I couldn’t find information about these connectors. Of course it’s better to find proper position of antennas or source of interference than modify equipment.


Thanks a lot ! I am sorry to trouble You Philip with my question :frowning: You are absolutely right.
I think connectors are 50 Ohms, but in digikeys, mouser and farnell it’s difficult to find, mostly are 75 Ohms. I must to think about it more.

Your question was fine!

Is it really a mini bnc ? because all plugs in the internet are 75 ohm and internal part is wider. Could Someone provide exact model of the plug ? Thank You.

Herelink have mini-BNC female / Antennas are mini-BNC male

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any chance to find a mini BNC to sma connector ?

I also have trouble finding the connector. A mini bnc one I ordered from DigiKey had completely different dimensions.
@Julien @philip do you maybe have a link to a supplier of the connectors?

i had no chance to find a connector but i’m going to try another way :slight_smile:

I wanted the antenna with a little longer cable without just adding an extension as you will get a little loss by adding connectors. I ordered directly and had it customized to my length and connector. I have a bigger drone and wanted to get it away from the body and possible noise and interference.




I wish I could use Herelink inside a vehicle.

Would it be possible to have the original antennas outside the vehicle and connect them to the Herelink via cables or to have antennas equipped with an original cable?

I wish to have your opinion before making any tests that could damage the Herelink.

Are you saying about the controller or air unit antennas?