HereLink external antenna

You won’t, but if you want to run custom antennae, connect at the u.fl at the pcb inside.

I was trying to understand these BNC connectors and all while reading all the answers. However, I am stuck with the removal of the antenna from the Ground unit. Once it is removed, then only we can go ahead with the extension

@philip thank you so much for your reply. I am sorry i didnt see the notification, in time. But all this time i am still trying to figure out what i can do.

I dont have much experience with the PCB desoldering and things like that. I was looking for a simple solution. I want to do the same as @pparm. did. (I took the image from his post in the top. )

I hope you could help us for this.

the antennas clip onto the pcb with u.FL connectors, no soldering needed.

That is really cool so i can use a u.FL to SMA adaptor that means.

Thank you so much @philip . If you an image of this please share it, it might be helpful before i open my controller.

Hi David. Looks like you’ve found a solution that I need too.

My AC antenna’s are mounted (both on same side) to a plastic tank (agri drone). When the tank is full and if the tank is on the opposite side of RC I sometimes get signal loss. I wan to extend the antenna cables so I can mount below the tank and have clear signal transmission.

Your link Antenna Builder Tool : Build Your Custom Antenna - Taoglas | Phoenix WSA.2400.A Adhesive Mount Bluetooth I-Bar 2.4GHz Antenna

I’m not certain which ones to use. Essentially I just want to extend about 400mm.

Any help appreciated