Herelink firmware update

hi i am new to this herelink had it since 2019 now powering it for the first time i need help with updating the ground unit air unit not getting the beta firmware

You may have a look at the docs.cubepilot

Yes that is where i went and download it but it not installing.

My unit still the same way it was shipped never updated.

What do you mean by not installing?
What happened after clicking the flasher?
Did you unzip the folder before using it?

yes i did the cmd screen came up when the ground unit power recycle it just power up normal.

also have to update q ground control

Did you enter fastboot mode?

yes i did that

wish you could see it for your self

Can you share a video about it? including the update process and how are you not getting the update.

OK will make one but will not get it tonight it is 11 pm now.

Hey I made the video hope it’s enough how do I get it to you

Tried to upload the video but nothing

When you connect the Herelink in fastboot mode to the computer, does it show up in device manager?

what will it show up as

just got the driver installed and it is updating

can you say how long the update will take

did not update just froze