Herelink Fpv experience

Hello! Please help me. I have an issue with video connecting! Led 1 of the air unit doesn’t not light and no video streaming to controller! When I connect the air unit to pixhawk cube then the Led 2 is steady green light and the Led 1 is steady yellow light. All connecting to Pixhawk is oke! I am using with Canon EOS 1100D camera. Any idea? Thanks!
And how to check firmware version in the controller and air unit?

So, video only works when connected to Cube? Or video doesn’t work at all…?

Have you tried a different camera?

Yes, Video doesn’t work at all! I have tried connect with this camera and Foxeer box 2. I have tested these cameras with my TV display and it’s normal!
I received my herelink with note label on the screen as below picture! Does this mean first beta firmware version or what is this? I see QGC version update is 26/4/2019!

Here is leds when I connect camera!

All of the HereLink units are in Beta still.
That’s why you have the sticker.

Please show some screenshots of the full system and how it’s all connected

Here is my video showing my issue. Sorry for vertical video and my bad english. Please help me. Thanks.

Herelink seem not support canon cameras. Try some canon cameras but have not video streaming.

Does it work with other cameras?

I tried with Canon 1100D and 70D but it did not success at all. Can you confirm that this product is not compatible with the canon products?

No, I can’t confirm that. We don’t have every camera to test against.

Do you have any cameras that do work? A GoPro? Let’s see if it’s working before jumping to any conclusions

I have just one work, but it is with my laptop with HDMI out, It was last good test and good news, so I can believe that the air unit is not faulty! know I am waiting for one gopro!
Beside, I did some ground range test, it about 2 km ground to ground with some obstacles on the way! Is this good range? I hope to test this system in the air this weekend!

2km ground to ground is great!

Glad it’s working!

Maybe see what other settings there are for the hdmi out on the canon?

Yeap I also believe that in the air it can make further range! Wait to test!
About the issue! I just setup canon to 1080 or 720 video! I dont know if need to setup anything else for to work! But I test these cameras with my laptop and it just works!

I’d try every option… I’m quite sure the camera I used for the launch of HereLink was a Canon, I will check…

First flight test with herelink fpv system. I have not my camera yet so I flied my Zohd XL wing plane by telemetry. I flied around to check the controller and attitude of the plane. All things seem fine at first, sticks were as smooth as when I control the plane by my futaba remote, I didn’t see any different. QGC worked well with no crash or lag, vv…
At last I decide to take it far way. I flied 3,4 km far away and max altitude of 200m. I didn’t dare to fly futher because I could not see any thing except parameters.
Have still a lot of things to do with my plane to make futher range test.

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I have made some flights with my fpv herelink system. I have not yet tested video stream range but at about 1,5 km in the air it was fine, very clear streaming, and signal was still almost full level. But I have an issue with recording, the screen was frozen whole the time after that, but luckyly I could still control the plane to landing.
I really don’t like screen interface. In flight screen mode, some icons is not neccesary such than status indicator, compass indicator, paras label in the right. If you can redesign the interface like as Parrot or DJI drone interface it will great.
I’m feeling backward here about this
Some words in my persional opinion!

That’s why we will be moving to Solex, much better

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Is there a list posted anywhere of cameras with hdmi links that work with the Herelink system? Canon is a major brand and one camera brand that you would assume works with Herelink.

Not yet.