Herelink - Groundside crash and reboot with Gopro Hero 7 black

Testing a Herelink Beta2 on the bench. Hero 7 black plugged into herelink airunit using supplied hdmi cable.

I get video on Herelink, the usual playback options from Hero7, pressing record on Gopro results in total lock up and reboot of groundside Herelink, Aircraft goes to failsafe with no sbus input.

AC 3.6.10
QGC reports version f25149835 2019-04-26 (No idea if this is 0.21 or 0.22??)

Bit more testing, with the Gopro in Live View mode, it appears fine.

Issue still exists in preview mode, its possible to get QGC to get into a reboot loop with this, with the flight controller in failsafe.

I suspect the gopro is changing HD format on record, and its melting the Herelink.