Herelink - Highest GoPro res for recording with monitor?

Guys I’m trying to work out if I have an issue with my setup or lack of understanding, or if the range of gopros that I have just don’t output HDMI at all possible recording frame rates/resolutions…
I have here GoPro Hero 4 Black, GoPro Hero 5 Black and a GoPro 7 Black for testing. All will record in 1080P resolution and the air-unit will send video to the hand terminal (controller) at the same time just fine (so I can see what I’m actually recording).
However, if the gopros are set to higher recording res I loose video on the controller when record is started on the gopro. The older Hero 4 Black will record at best 2.7K and still get the video on the controller reliably, but all the other gopros video drops out to black on the ground unit above 1080P.
I imagined that I’d be able to record at 4K and watch the video on the controller (at 1080P), but this seems not the case.
Anyone got a gopro to record at 4K and still see video on the controller while recording ?

I have tested the GoPro Hero7 Black for simultaneous streaming and recording up to 1440p (4:3)/60fps with the right memory card.
Beyond this the live streaming turns off if you start recording.

You can refer the discussion here: HERELINK - Compatible camera list

I suggest trying out the Foxeer Box 2.

I have my 4B set for 2.7K/24fps, which maintains the video stream while recording.

The problem is not that the camera stops sending video out. The video comes out of the camera’s HDMI port regardless of what you have it set for. BUT, at the higher resolutions, the HDMI output is kicked down to I believe 480p. And it seems the HereLink rejects that 480p video coming out of the GoPro.

Maybe @sidbh and @philip could make the HereLink more accepting of other resolutions so this doesn’t happen?

Hi, does it means that Herelink does not support 480p video?

Herelink only supports 720p@30fps and 1080p@30/60fps
This is written in the docs

Hi Alvin, Thanks for your replied. Is there anyway that Herelink can be configured to received lower resolution?

Unfortunately no. You may try some middleman hardware to translate the low resolution video to Herelink-acceptable format.