Herelink intermittent Telemetry issues

Hi all,

I’ve got a couple of Herelink sets on the latest firmware (US as region) that sim looking to use with cube oranges.

The update process I followed was using a PC and the flasher tool on both the controller and air unit before I ever set them up or anything, then I let the controller auto update during setup - can’t remember the firmware version exactly but I believe it began with BRU - will double check when I have the units to hand again.

I’ve tried 2 Cube mini Carrier Boards and 1 Cube ADS-B carrier board

I’ve tried 5 different cubes running ardupilot stable 4.1.0 and 4.1.1 - default params with frame type X - Octacopter

I tried changing the Serial1 params to disable the flow control and also the baudrate from the default 921 to 57.

I’ve tried 2 sets of herelink and reciever (will try another on older firmware soon)

I’ve tried multiple sets of cable between the herelink and cube.

I’ve tried powering the cube through its USB port and the herelink air unit from a bench power supply with 5V as well as powering both the cube and the herelink off the same power supply.

The only thing connected to the cube is the herelink through Telem1 and SBUS.

In all of the setups the issue is the same - most of the time when I power on the cube, air unit, and controller I get no Mavlink telemetry at all. When I do get telemetry though it all seems to be working fine.

Please try to power the air unit with 7-12V.

The issue persists even when powering with 12V

Update: reflashing the air unit via usb while it is connected to cube along with the rest of the avionics set up seems to alleviate the issue somewhat. Though this is not a 100% fix as sometimes telemetry fails and a reflash is required once again.

Took about 17 reboots for the telemetry to fail given no hardware changes after the first reflash, it also fails on the next reboot if I connect/disconnect a gps unit to the cube between reboots (haven’t tried other devices like current sensors, ESCs etc.) or change carrier board.

Currently the setup seems to be working fine with 40+ reboots and it looks like reflashing the air unit is a fix - but this is not ideal - I hope a future software update fixes this issue. Not sure what the cause is though - maybe somewhere on the nvram or such on the air unit some bit or register gets set/unset and that breaks the telemetry functionality.

Also having issues on this post too