Herelink Map problem


Hi, I can’t load any map on my herelink unit. Anyone know about this issue and could help me?


do you connect to a wifi? you will need 5Ghz wifi to get internet connection


Thanks for reply, i have 5 ghz network but my herelink unit don’t see the my network? Should it be seen?


Your network is probably a 2.4ghz if you can’t see it


I’m pretty sure that it’s 5 ghz. I have an asus ac68u. But i can’t see the network. What can cause this?


I solved it. Even i’m not sure how i solved it but it is working. Thank you.

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I have the 5G Wifi connected but I still don’t get any map loaded.
Neither can I download the offline map.
Should I have to connect to the receiver to load the map?
I restart the Herelink many times and still have the same problem.


Have you tried switching the map provider? I think I had a similar issue but when I switched provider it worked.


I try Bing and Google with Satellite or Streetmap.
None of these work.


Have you checked location settings


I try “Device only” and “High accuracy”
Still can’t work.


What internet connection do you have?