Herelink Pairing failed

have a new Herelink that I am trying to pair the Remote with the Air Unit. Every time I put the remote and air unit into pairing mode I get a " Negotiation timed out, try again" message on the remote.

  1. The air unit is powered by a 12v power supply and only had the antennas connected.
  2. Both the remote and the air unit have been updated according to the Herelink User Guide.

I notice that the remote ground station it flash but then to update to the latest firmware it takes few hours to update the controller.

I need help

  1. connect both antennas
  2. you cut off the update version screen for the air unit, what version did it upload?

This one was the version uploaded from the flasher

And yes I got the antennas from start like the instruction said.

Here it is Michael

ok so that looks correct.

what about the GCS side?

This is the latest version uploaded after flashing the GCS, then register the product and at the end it updated to this version.

ok so that looks good as well.

when you press the pairing button on the air unit, it is flashing?

OK, first I press the pair button on the GCS the in the Air Unit with one of the orange lights on I press the pair button until it start to flash, I release the button and in few seconds after the GCS pup up this message (Negotiation timed out, try again) and the light stop flashing on the air unit. It looks like the GCS recognize the air unit on a certain way but it failed to pair no matter how many times I tried to.

I don’t know if is normal but when I power on the Air Unit one light flahs red then one of the orange lights Com up after few seconds booting.

you need to wait for the air unit to boot
then follow the pairing process? you have read the docs?

OK when I’m power the Air unit with a power supply the red light blink, the turn off then few seconds later the orange light comes and remain solid. At this point I wait few minutes and after I begin the binding process. Is this the correct process?
Yes I read the manual and I saw the video from Mads but there is no any documentation for troubleshooting this scenario.

I hope that maybe you could help me, is my first time with the Herelink and I’m very upset with this simple update issue.
I appreciate your time Michael

when you press and hold the binding button, what happens?

I press the pair first on the GCS then quickly I press and hold the reset button on the Air Unit until it start to flash green but suddenly after few second the GCS stop searching and it pop up the message that I showed you (Negotiation time out, try again)
If I try again to pair this come up again and again.
As soon as I press the air unit button this appear quickly.

It seems like the GCS recognize the air unit because is searching for Pairing and as soon I press the button the Herelink GCS pup up this message, so it’s appears to see the air unit but this is like an error of connection. At least this is the behavior.

Any recommendations for a solution?
I’m stock with my project at this point!

ok, so i would factory reset the GCS unit, to make sure it wipes all the possible modem config. and then power cycle the GCS unit. ie shutdown, turn back on, while not plugged into usb/charger

Pairing with Air Unit, I don’t remember having issue pairing after update both units.

Hope it helps, press and hold air unit pair button until pair.