HereLink Questions


While opening QGroundControl I am getting a message that Mavlink2 is not loaded for telemetry. What is the Parameter settings to enable MavLink2?

Also, I am getting a message saying that QGroundControl is at the unstable version of 3.3. I recently performed a firmware upgrade. What are the procedures for upgrading QGroundControl to the most recent version?

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if you have it connected to telem1, then SERIAL1_PROTOCOL needs to be change to 2

Hi Mike,

Thank you. That worked to resolve the Mavlink2 issue.

Can you provide me with the point of reference for upgrading QGroundControl and getting rid of the below message.

we are working on a new release that should resolve this at the moment

Got it!

Next question, when using the here link controller, do I need to have my RC transmitter on and connected to my receiver at all times?

the herelink works as the rc. im not sure how you have it connected, but normally there is no RC receiver involved. here a look here for a infographic

Thank you Mike!

Is there a link on how to program the wheel and the push button that are on the top right and left top corners of the Herelink unit?

Also, what is the purpose of the LED lights that are located directly above the gimbals? Only the left LED will illuminate while the micro USB is plugged in to charge the battery. The right LED always stayed dark. What are there intended purpose?