Herelink radio problem

Hi everyone,
This is my first post as I recently purchased my Herelink station.

I’m trying ti use it in a boat with this setuo:

-Pixhawk Cube
Bluerobotics T-100 + Basic ESC’s

Main problem is that the trhusters doesn’t spin.

This is the parameter list extracted from Mission Planner (4.1 KB)

Pixhawk firmware: Rover 3.5.1
Herelink has QGC development master 2019/04/26

In the Radio menu, throttle keeps in that position. When I push forward in increases but when I press backward it also increases.

Channel monitor from 9 to 16 are blinking
There’s also a problem with the flight mode parameters as you can see on the pop-up message.

That’s all I noticed that could be irregular.

Thanks in advance.

I gave you my 2 cents worth over on the Ardupilot site.

Link for the rest of us?

When posting here and at ardupilot, please post a link so the conversation can be followed rather than having two separate conversations

This is the link I think.


Continuing with some issues trying to solve with no succes.

Throttle seems to be trimed at 1102 pwm. (lowest calibration point) that’s neutral point, thruster doesn’t spin, I can move forward but not backward.


Any Idea?
Thanks in advance

In QGC on HereLink, you can set the throttle type to having reverse

If you mean this option, is already enabled but it doesn’t work.

Can you post a video of the throttle stick full movement

You may need to perform the hidden calibration for the hardware. It’s in the Cube pilot docs section. .

I had the same problem and I solved it this way
Hope this can help you