Herelink radio pwm signal is move when no control stick


i`m testing HERELINK.

other function (video, telemetry) is working.

but radio signal is have problem.

here is youtube URL:

please check video.

and i`m already calibration using dial joystick calibration.

and when software version update is release ? and how can i update ?

Thank you.

Hello, Seonho,

This is Eric from CubePilot. I am sorry that we lost connection with you. In order to help you to solve your problem quickly, could we have a discussion in skype? My skype is xiewei37078. Thank you.

Can you show us the wireing, how do the sticks look in the RC screen for Herelink ?

Just to confirm for the Sbus you have both signal and Geound connected.


this is wiring pic.
can you tell me your e-mail?
then i will send problem video.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
i`m send skype message.

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