HereLink RC configuration

Here is the first topic !

I’m actually installing HereLink on drone and would have some informations on the settings.
I found that the UART setup is : protocol : Mavlink / Baud rate : 57600.
So after a reboot, i’m able to get live telemetry and a HD video downlink.
I also successfully connect the HereLink to my office wifi but can’t connect to my phone network.
It’s seems able to connect only to 5ghz, not to bluetooth or 2.4ghz at the moment (to confirm)

My only problem is that in the radio menu, it seems the PX2.1 can not detect RC inputs.
I can see the sticks moving in joystick menu, and can calibrate it from this menu, but when i come back to ‘radio’ menu, nothing seems detected.
So logically, i have continuously the message : Prearm : Throttle below failsafe
Any help is welcome :wink:

For info : i already done the hardware stick calibration through the ‘dial’, nothing changed


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Solved ! it was a bad contact of the S.BUS wire.