Herelink unable to find 16 digits code

Dear developper team,

I bought a Herelink from Robotshop on February 2021.

After 5month of use, I just installed the latest firmware on the radio and then it asked me the famous 16 digits code which I am totally unable to find (The package of mt herelink might have been thrown away).
As suggested on the forum, I contacted Robotshop to get this code providing us my serial number. They are unable to get it and sent an email to their retailer :

"Hello Elie,

See reply from manufacturer:
If your customer has updated this Herelink before, can you ask them to share the serial number from the device, Settings > About Phone > Status > Serial Number
You may refer to the post on our forum Herelink Firmware Update problem

Thank you.

RobotShop inc.
Do you have any idea on how I can get my 16 digits code back ? I can provide my serial number in private.

Thanks a lot

Elie de Fonclare