Herelink Firmware Update problem

Hi, I recently got my Herelink Beta. I am trying to update the firmware to see if it fixes a few problems. Following the instructions, from a windows desktop, in the CMD prompt, enter adb reboot bootloader. That works, but nothing else. Double click from same folder flash_all.bat and it opens a CMD window and some text, but just sits there. After about 30 sec. the Herelink reboots with no update. HELP…

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i think you have the same concern i have.

How to confirm

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Same here with the air unit but I waited more than an hour.

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Any update in this issue?

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i have the sane problem… is there any solutions @philip @sidbh

So is anybody else getting an error message after trying to enter there “KEY” to unlock the device they paid $800. For? “ cannot register your device” … I have a beta unit and got the code from the authorized resellers directly. I hope they fix this soon or have a solution in place for those of us that have bricks now.

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Are you online when your trying to put the code in ?

You must have a valid internet connection at that point or you will get that error

Yes I am, i just talked with vendor again and it might be a server issue. I’m going to try tonight when there is less traffic. Hopefully this works.

It should be fine as I have installed and refreshed this over 40 times in the last week. The only issue with activation I have seen is with no WiFi.

Or the key provided has been used already. I would also confirm with them they have not given the key to anyone else as well.

The vendor irlock is reaching out to the manufacturer for help… I am connected to the internet, as I see it the code screen doesn’t even load unless online, but I verified that I am. I’ll be trying tonight as I’m one of those lucky vampire night shift people. Lol… Been reading these forms often but this is the first issue I’ve had with the unit. It reminded me of my ST16 so I had to have it.

@sidbh one for you.

I just got my code today from irlock and it worked fine when I updated my remote unit.

Follow this video:

@Bummpyjojo before you update can you confirm that time is correctly update on the device, if not please set it manually from setting.


Time and date are correct and I have a full wifi connection with 150mbs… Has anyone noticed the serial number on there remote unit is different than the one on the box?


The Serial Number is different than the box. Can you share the serial number from your device Settings > About Phone > Status > Serial Number . Share it with me privately. I will check on our server side.

Hi. How to simply get serial number for update? I can’t know who sold me herelink when I bought it on amazon

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks for understanding.

Not really a issue. I think that contact to reseller is quite annoying. I wonder if you can do this

Raise a new topic.

Amazon is not a reseller in their own right. Please use the amazon tools to contact the reseller.