HereLink unwanted behaviour after in-flight reboot

While flying a Quadcopter - PixHawk AP, the Herelink GCS rebooted while the vehicle was in the process of returning to launch (in RTL).

The vehicle had been put in Loiter earlier in the flight (Chan 5 ~1500) before the RTL was triggered from the HereLink screen.

With the vehicle, a few feet from landing the HereLink finished rebooting (pinecone logo then QGroundControl)

With no pilot input, the vehicle started flying towards the pilot and support staff and ended up upside-down in long grass - no damage.

Looking at the telemetry log the AP I found the issue - as the HereLink powered up RC 5 went to 1100 (Stabilise) - which changed the vehicle to Stabilise unexpectedly.

My suggestion would be that the RC controller part of the HereLink track its current RC output in non-volatile memory so that after a Reboot (not a controlled power cycle) it can power back up with the RC outputs matching what they were just before the reboot.


Isn’t this a repeat post?

Sorry - I wasn’t sure I had it in the right place…

@mjnunan that sounds very dangerous, glad to see Philip chime in with absolutely nothing!!!:crazy_face: Has any of the dev’s taken a look at this and given you anymore information seems to be a very dangerous bug. I would 100% stop flying the herelink until someone with a decent answer can chime in!!! We were just looking at possibly buying one but not unless this has been resolved!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It has been answered, this is a double post of the same topic as I pointed out above, and the OP advised.

I posted it as a new post as there was no response to my initial post.

It is not the same issue as the Herelink ground side multiple inflight crash and reboots, A/C Failsafes

In my case the vehicle was in RTL and when the Herelink powered back up it was switched to stabilise a few feet from the ground and ended up upside-down in long grass.

The Herelink did spontaneously reboot - but the main problem is how it powerd back up.

The temporary solution to the mode change is to set the base mode to pos hold, or something similar so that if this occurs, it will select a safer mode to switch too
The issue has been logged.

Sorry for the late acknowledgement.

Thanks for the suggestion - we are implementing it.

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No worries!