Herelink v0 support for ip camera with gimbal

Hello I was just building this experimental uav

I did not realize that I had purchased the v1 and not v2 herelink which supported this gimbal. It is viewlink gimbal, that comes with ip camera but does not have HDMI output. Is there any way I could use ax88179 chipset to convert it to HDMI? I really need help setting this up. Thank you!

I was thinking of using this diagram, but I don’t don’t if this will actually work.

Please help someone

Ethernet passthrough does work - given that you have compatible usb ethernet adapters and please note that on air unit you need to power it externally.

See these threads:

I have used Asix AX8817X based usb 2.0 ethernet adapters successfully - but there are also couple of other chipset versions supported I guess.

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yes its possible, No its not recommended.
herelink tightly controls the video bitrate, to archive long distance video, the ip camera solution does not, and is likely to have issues at longer range.

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Just to be clear this is the v0 and not v1.1 it does not have Ethernet port. For v0 should I use the HDMI port or USB port? Sorry for a noob question :sweat_smile:

Herelink video compression performance is very good, so can i use air unit as video encoder (without ground unit)? Direct access h.264 video over ethernet port on air module v1.1?

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