Herelink Ethernet compatible hardware

Much like the Camera thread, this is a place to report known working adapters for using Ethernet pass - through. Booting up with a compatible adapter at each end will result in a transparent connection, just as a physical Ethernet cable would.

These have been tested with the Beta Channel, SRU01200616

If it doesn’t just work there is some debugging steps outlined here:

At both ends you will need a OTG Ethernet adapter or a standard USB with a OTG to USB adapter. On the air side you will also need to provide power to the Ethernet adapter. The easiest way to do this is with a OTG charging cable such as this.

AX88772 - Ground (not tested Airside)

PLUGABLE - direct to OTG nice for ground side but I don’t have a cable to allow for powering this to test on airside

AX88179 - Ground and Air

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast has an additional standard USB to power on airside, cables are quite long however.

R8152 / R8153 - Airside only

Cable Matters

Anker USB 3.0 - no blinky lights on the Ethernet port, this is annoying for debugging

If anyone has had success with other models please add bellow


Thanks Pete!

I can confirm the AX88772 works both for the air unit as well as the ground unit.

Rather handy USB to Ethernet adapter that is also a 4 way Ethernet switch.

Cable Matters USB 3.1 to 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter) for Laptops and Switch Gaming Console

Works on both ends if you are using Air 1.1 as ground unit and air unit. (I don’t use the Herelink tablet GCS in my setup)

If you wish to lighten it a little bit for airborne use you can remove it from its plastic case although its not very heavy in the first place.

For airborne you can connect it to a companion computer (I use a beelink PC) for the power and it adds an extra bonus airborne Ethernet port to your system - very, very useful as you can have a separate VLAN on the aircraft where some devices wont let you set their IP address within the Herelink 192.168.144 subnet. (I have a sensor that MUST be on

You will need USB 5vdc power on this device, either from a companion computer or a DC power to USB power adapter if you have no USB A outlets on board…
like this:-

Hi ,
What is the current consumption on the USB - Ethernet Switch…thanks

It will depend on how many devices are connected to it.

I will test it with a few things connected later in the week and post the result - it wont be much.
I will try to weigh it as well - but its only a pcb in plastic case - so it will be grams.

I’ve issued them to my engineers for use with wireshark when setting up IP connections - lots of places where there are no spare mains outlets for a normal switch - this one both works as a switch and a usb to ethernet adaptor - win, win.

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The cable maters USB / Ethernet 4 port switch / adaptor pulls 0.06A at 5vdc when idle.
0.12Amps when initializing a connection and about 0.1 A when streaming with two ethernet devices connected to it and the two ports in use LEDS whirring away.
This is using a little USB power meter gizmo off amazon - I’ve not been able to check its calibration so treat with the normal caution of such a gizmo.

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thank you for the valuable feedback. I guess this is good to go on a drone considering its weight and power consumption…