Herelink video latency - best still >250ms

I’m running the latest firmware on my herelink (updated last night), and can’t seem to get the video latency to a useable level for a rover application. I’ve tested with both a Foxeer Box 2 and a GoPro Hero4 - and they both give about 260ms (average) latency (typically varies from low 200’s to over 300). The system is advertised as being capable of latency as low as 110ms - what am I missing? Are there settings buried somewhere that I need to adjust to drop the latency?

I’ve toggled the “1080P” option in the video stream options in QGC, but that didn’t appear to change anything. I’ve turned off the “EIS” in the Foxeer camera and set it to 1080/30, though I’m not sure if the latter actually changes anything with the HDMI out.

To clarify the term “useable” latency above - at 250-300ms I find myself wandering back and forth as I drive, trying to battle the latent correction/over-correction.

I didn’t measure the latency before the update, but it doesn’t appear to be any different (just qualitatively by the look/feel, anyway).

We cannot control the latency within the camera, but from the hdmi input to the screen, it is consistently between 80ms and 110ms

However, is some situations where the picture is changing very rapidly, ie, very fast rotating etc, the compression can get a little slower. I’ve seen brief delays up to 200ms

But once you add another 100-200ms onto this from many cameras, you will see the numbers you are talking about… hero7 is one of the worst I have seen!

The way to check is to plug your camera directly to a screen, then put a stopwatch in front of the screen and point the camera at it so it can see both the stopwatch, and the image of the stopwatch.

Take a photo of that video, and compare the numbers.

Now do the same with the HereLink.

Thanks for the info. That will keep me from chasing my tail. I will round up all of the cameras I can find and characterize their latency.

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I am using a GoPro 4 as well, please have a look here