Herelink video livestream problems

Hi, Im having trouble setting up a livestream from my camera. Whenever I plug it in (in either hdmi1 or hdmi2) the camera recognizes the hdmi cable (lcd turns off) and after a while the lcd turns back on. Camera sharing to my monitor works fine and lcd stays off.

The console in qgc shows:
“state changed, _streaming false” (approx 10 times) followed by “Running”.

My camera is a sony a7rm4a. The strange part is that 1/1000 tries it works fine and even keeps working if I unplug the cable and put it back in. Does anyone have an idea of a possible fix?

Edit: I find it hard to describe how to reproduce these problems, since I cannot find anyone with similar problems. I did verify that my psu is sufficient (by testing with a bench psu).

Edit2: I also confirmed it wasn’t a camera issue, since I get exactly the same behaviour when connecting a raspberry pi. It works 1/1000 times and if I have a connection, it’s low-latency and I can plug/unplug cables and even switch between camera/pi and there are no problems.

Edit3: Also reflashed firmware of both ground and air unit. Still same results.

Can you please record these problems and share the video ?

Hi rinto,

we are delaing with a very similar issue, here is the topic for our porblem:

If we have any progress, we will let you know!

Here’s a video: