Herelink Video streaming issue

I am facing an awkward issue, I have two micro HDMI cable bought from 3DXR based in UK. The video is now showing in Herelink Transmitter. I tried with both HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports available in Herelink Air unit.
Sometimes, the video showed and sometimes I have to plug in the cable but no video would be present on display.
My camera is Procus Viper 16MP, 4KHD Action camera also I bought a Tarot 90 deg Micro HDMI cable for this whole setup.

Any leads, help please, I am having a very thin deadline for my project.

Products Links ->

  1. Herelink HDMI Cable
    CubePilot - Herelink HDMI Cable - Autopilots from 3DXR UK
  2. Tarot micro HDMI Cable
    Tarot Flexible Micro HDMI Cable – 90 degree TL10A01 – UAVGarage
  3. Procus Camera

Looks like Procus Viper is not on HERELINK - Compatible camera list, that means no one has ever tried using it with Herelink. There are no guarantee it would work.
Choose from the list if you need a camera proven working well with Herelink.

You may need to make sure the output is 720p@30fps or 1080p@30/60fps and H264 MP4.

Thats happening to me with gopro cameras as well. Most probably you have the same faulty piece like me. I stopped to use Herelink expensive unreliable product.

What are you using?