Herelink video streaming issues

its being prepared at the moment.

we plan a simple update, then a larger second update that adds new features

I’d like to try the simple update now if possible.

Finally got the GoPro7 connected via HDMI. When I press record on the GoPro, the feed to The controller cuts out & won’t restore.

Do you have to choose between live stream and recording? Or is there a way to do both?

I believe the link has expired. Would love to have this app to evaluate latencies.

You can simply measure latency by having the FPV camera looking on a clock (e.g. Computer Clock showing milliseconds) putting the Herelink side by side with that clock, take a photo and compare the time stamps.

def. I have done that. I’m trying to analyze how much latency is in each component. camera, tx, rx, and app.

Does the Herelink use HDCP? If So can it be disabled?

I am having very similar issues with a GoPro 5. One temporary fix is to reset the GoPro to Factory defaults, and then it sometimes works. Other times I need to power cycle the air unit. The best outcome usually occurs immediately after the Solex Tx app stops responding, and I close and reopen it. Then I get the streaming (no other changes). I have the latest Solex and the latest Herelink software/firmware as of last week. Something is clearly either wrong or not compatible here. Any thoughts?

I have issues with GoPro 7 Black - I can get video stream work sometimes but success rate is about 50/50. Solex is more problematic than QGC in that regard - which is strange - as issue should be more on airunit/GoPro side.
On another hand Mapir3 hdmi out works much more reliably.

I have a kind of this issue too. Solex is not stable sometimes it show streaming video and somtime waiting till time out, cannot streaming video. I tried to reset factory both herelink and air unit then it’s work perfectly only a few flight. After that the same issue coming back again. So, I surely that the issue is on sofware or firmware.

Can anyone tell me, GoPro Hero 9 is compatible or not with Herelink ?