Herelink Wifi connect

Wifi connection is unstable on Herelink’s remote terminal.
It seems that it is correspondence of only 5Ghz. The connection list is displayed much less than it actually is. Are there any special settings?

It is a limited subset of 5.8GHz frequencies, this is by design

I need to know some information about Herelink:

  • Bluetooth - Which version is used?
  • Wi-fi - Which standard used?
  • Is the FCC certification expected to be published?

Yes it will be published as soon as we are out of beta.

The FCC number is on the back.

Bluetooth 4.1
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (20,40,80)

Hi philip,
i tried to connect to the bluetooth on the herelink it does not seems to exist/work.

Other thing is can’t connect to any wifi hotpost of my phones, either an iphone SE, or my android phone sony experia X.

I also tried to create a usb connection but didn’t worked.

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5GHz wifi only

@nicodh same here. @philip any way to make this work with iPhone tethering for wifi out in the field?

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Philip, again congratulations to the technical clarifications;
Our team needs some more information about Herelink, if you can let us know:

Inform us if the transmission between the Controller and the Air Unit occurs bidirectionally (Controller <-> Air Unit) or unidirectional (Controller -> Air Unit)?

Does the product operate with spectral scattering? If yes, please let us know if you are using DSSS (Direct Sequence Spectrum Spreading) or FHSS (Spectrum Spreading Frequency Hopping)?

Bi directional

It’s LTE communication…

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I have 5.8GHz, and I have successfully connected the Herelink to my local network, my question is what do use this connection for? Can I down load Google Maps to the Herelink hand held unit? What else can use this for? I also discovered my old Dell Latitude D630 also has this feature which I use for purely for mission planner, and drone related work. Please tell me what is the benefit of using this feature?

To connect mission planner, load maps.

Hi Philip,

Just out of box, successfully connected to 5.8 GHz Wifi, but I do not get any map in QGC.
Any suggestion?

Google maps doesnt work currently. I have succes with Bing maps.

I understand the wifi decisions regarding specific channels. But it’s really dragging down the user experience. I hope you could do two things:

  1. Explain in the wifi menu clearly that why only specific channels is listed
  2. Implement a feature where wifi networks that is not channel 20,40,80 can work as long the drone is not armed.

Maybe list all 5ghz wifi networks but give networks out of the “ideal channels” a little warning sign so the user doesnt run into this problem and have to spend hours finding this thread.

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Unfortunately it is the regulators that determine what channels are legally able to be used. It’s nothing to do with flight

I am reopening that thread. Before performing the update that install solex, i was able to tether my laptop or my cellphone (at 5ghz band) and connect my herelink through wifi.
After update while performed without problems, i was not able to connect to any 5G wifi.
Herelink is scanning for ever at never finds any. (neither my laptop nor my phone)
Any ideas?

Have you tried to reboot or reflash the firmware again?

I also face this kind of problem. Does this problem have a solution?

What is your exact issue