How to interface px4 with here2 gps i2c mode module?

Hi. I’m beginer with Here2 gps module

If I set I2C mode on Here2 gps, how to interface px4 with here2?

I found about Here2 :
(1) STM32F302
(2) running ChibiOS
(from HEX HERE2 and HERE+V2 GPS - sUAS News - The Business of Drones)

I think,
(1) PX4 is I2C Master and communicate with STM32F302(Here2)'s I2C Driver-1(Slave)
(2) STM32F302(Here2) is I2C Driver-2(Master) and communicate with sensors(on Here2)
are those right?

If I was wrong,
If I set I2C mode on Here2 gps,
Is PX4 electrically connected to sensor(on Here2)?

Is anybody here to know about interface I2C mode(on Here2) with px4?

PX4 should auto detect the Here2 in I2C mode.

Thank you @Alvin

Like you said, I found it.
If I input ‘i2cdetect’ command in MAVLink Console,
I can check two devices addressed 0x0c, 0x55.

I have a question. In I2C mode case,
Are switch(I2C, CAN) and sensor directly connected as a hardware circuit in Here2 hardware?
Are switch(I2C, CAN) and sensor connected by firmware via STM32F302?

It is just a developer curiosity :slight_smile:

There is a hardware switch on the PCB. You can switch mode with it.