How to set HERE2 GPS LED

I am using a HERE2 GPS in non-pixhawk setup.

Is it possible to set the LED colors?

I can not find any documentation on the interface to the HERE2 GPS - other than plug it in to a Pixhawk.

Use the Ardupilot Toshiba LED driver as the instructions.

More details as to what you are doing would help

I have a box with computer + HERE GPS. I am processing GPS + other data over a radio. I want to set LED based on system status, so that when I install system I can quickly see it is working without a computer.

@Scott_White, The leds are driven over I2C interface right now. The protocol is same as of Toshiba LED. So you will need interface over I2C bus to control LEDs.

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May we have a detailed Information how to program the LEDs? I can’t find further info. There is a note from

CubePilot on at 2018 Dec. 18
“programming the LEDs… coming when ProfiLED is integrated into master. It’s currently public on bugoblitorator’s github account for the LEDs strips, and the CAN LEDs will be added soon.”