How to set standard flight mode to Loiter

After the update the copter always starts in Stabilize flight mode. I would like it to start in Loiter mode (since the flight mode channel is gone). Is there a possibility to change this?

Is there another way then using a lua script?

The flight mode channel hasnt changed or gone, in fact it’s now selectable.
You might need to use the MissionPlanner RC calibration page to see what’s really happening with your flight mode channel.

EDIT: Sorry, Herelink might be different to standard RC, I dont have one to test - but still, check with mission planner or logs as to what is really going on.

Hi Shawn,

thank you for your help. I checked the channel view within Mission Planner. But my problem is connected to the particular properties of the new Herelink firmware and qgroundcontrol in particular.

My current solution would be a lua script and startup changing the flight mode. But I hope there is a better solution.

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There will be more mapping options in the future releases for buttons and this will help with this.


I solved it with the lua script. I’m now most interested in a stable qgc.

Hi Tobias, I’m using an old version of Herelink (maybe the first) and I don’t want to update it. However, I have the same problem as you. Can I ask you some info on the LUA Script?

I know that the new versions provide for the “Initial” command to manage the boot in the desired mode but I have to use a first version

thank you

Hi Frank,

which Arducopter version are you using?

For the Lua script, take a look at this post:

I hope that helps! Just ask if I can help you.

Hi Tobias

Thank you for the answers and thank you very much for the LUA; In this period I often searched on the group but I did not find the same simple lua that you indicated me (evidently I did not find the right way of research)
The version of the FCU SW is very old and dates back to the beginning of 2020 but at the moment I don’t remember the exact version. I leave this version because the system works with a partially modified .APJ

On the SD I already have a script in lua (which I have not written) so this can implement it and insert it up to the list of instructions … correct?

The problem is that when I pilot to people who are not excessively prepared (users and non-pilots), it often happens that in the checklist they jump the detail of the insertion of the loiter (or PosHold) before take-off, then a disaster happens :frowning:

Thanks for all

Hi Frank,

if you only need the flight mode switch once you could add just the line


on top of your existing script.

Yes, I know those problems…

Best regards,

Wow, Tobias

Yes … it only serves that the system is placed in Loiter (or a mode that I can choose) at the start, then it is a choice of the pilot to manage the flight mode

So it’s so incredibly simple? :slight_smile: Tomorrow I try.

Thank you so much for being interested in my problem

Best regards,

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Hi Tobias … I wanted to thank you for the tip; simple instruction and works great.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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