I can not use 2 compasses on can bus

Installed 2 modules on can bus here 2.
In Mission planer, only 1 compass of 2 is visible. It is visible as # 3. Help me find the second compass! I want 2 compasses working simultaneously

Changed both can ports on primary in the driver settings.

Only one compass is visible as # 3

The result works only 1 compass which is primary driver

This is solved in latest beta.

The issue is the current Ardupilot release sets all Internal and SPI compass ahead of CAN.

There is two solutions.

The first is toy run the current master build and you will find you can now adjust their positions.

The second is to use the Compss_Typemask command time disable the internal SPI compass and then the can will be default.

Also you need to set the drivers and 1 and 2.