Info about beta settings for Here3 GPS

I just installed the latest beta fw (1.7.3B7DB5CC) and there is no information for the new parameters.
would it be possible to get detailed information for each command setting?



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The user manual should have included most of the description on parameters.
The only thing new from 1.7 is magfilter.
It refers to filter for magnetic noise.

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Thank you for the information.
But the user manual only include info about :

  • gnssConfig
  • passThrough
  • uavcan.node_id

They are written separately by functions not by parameters, so it may be difficult to find.

gnssConfig refers to GNSS selection:

passThrough refers to serial passthrough for ublox connection:

and uavcan.node_id refers to um… Here3’s node id in UAVCAN system

Thanks for you reply.
The links just take me back to the information I had already read.
Maybe I didn’t explain clearly enough I was looking for more information about the other parameters shown in the first screenshot. Mainly the commands “dgnssMode” and “dynModel”

Just realized I have misread your question

dgnssMode is Differential GNSS mode limiter. Setting to 3 allows it to enter FIX mode while 2 can only enter FLOAT mode. Mainly for preventing too frequently mode change when the satellite signal is not good enough.

dynModel refers to the same parameter in ublox chip. You may check it from its manual

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Thank you Alvin
These informations really helped me.

Hi Alvin… what about the magfilter?
is there any description, spec on that?
I assume is a low pass filter and thats a value in Hz… but haven’t
found any info about it

Its a low pass filter over the mag values

I’m Hz? Degrees? Gauss?

The unit is percent.
For example, 50 = 50/50 mix, which means taking average from 2 samples.
The equation is

mag.magnetic_field_ga[0] = (mag.magnetic_field_ga[0] * (magfilter/100.0f)) + ((-ak09916.meas.y/1000.0f)*(1.0f-(magfilter/100.0f)));