Is it possible: 8 motors in dshot?

(Gal Nitzan) #1

I was wandering, Is it possible to connect somehow 8 motors in DShot? Cube Black
Thank you

(Cornel Fudulu) #2

I tried DShot300 (as this was the lowest protocol an APD ESC will take) on Cube Black’s AUX port and it didn’t work. I read that 4 are possible on a Pixhawk 4 (STM32F7), but then 5th and 6th no longer worked. I have Orange Cubes with H7 and will test DShot soon, but there’s only 6 AUX ports available.

(Gal Nitzan) #3

Ok, answering my own question here, I should have googled better.

The Pixhawk has no dedicated digital output or input pins on its DF13 connectors, but you can assign up to 6 of the “AUX SERVO” connectors to be digital outputs/inputs

So basically you can have a Hexacopter with DShot ESCs but not Octocopter, which makes me wonder why Cube has only 6 aux and not 8? Aren’t we in the digital age?


You can have DSHot on main, just not feedback

The future is CAN, not DShot, get with the secure Digital age :slight_smile:

PWM and DSHot is pre 2020… it’s time to move on.

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(Gal Nitzan) #5

Hi @philip,

Sorry I’m kind of a beginner so I didn’t understand the “feedback” you mentioned? do you mean telemetry will not work?

Well, I looked it up and it comes with a bit of a hefty tag price (8x$71 usd) :cold_sweat:



what can bus esc did you look up? If you don’t need bunch of amps holybro makes these20 amp can esc that pavel from zubax has helped them with. I have a set just working on a different build will confirm tonight they work with pixhawk for you!

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(Gal Nitzan) #7

Hi @Matt.C, thank you for the answer and link, maybe I can join the digital age after all :smile:, however I need to think what to do with my two T-motor F55A 4in1 which I already own.

I plan a 850 mm quad in X8 configuration and I planned to connect every 4 motors to one 4in1 esc.

Anyway, thank you for the pointer


Yes, 8 without telemetry.

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Save’ um and build a wee little quad for beta testing, will be a bit of overkill but oh well!

(Gal Nitzan) #10

So let me see if I understand:
and all shall work including passthru, except I will not be getting the telemetry on serial5 anymore?

Thank you for taking the time to answer me, much appreciated.

(Cornel Fudulu) #11

Do tell, please.
I tried DShot 300 from a Black Cube AUX1 port to an APD X-Class 120A ESC - as DShot300 is the minimum protocol it accepts - and the result was ugly: weird response and ESC resets. Same was experienced on an old Pixhawk 1 AUX1 port, so I excluded F4-based FCs from possible builds.
There are reports it works on a Pixracer (F4 ugh!), and also on Pixhawk4 (F7), but only to the extent of 4 ESCs. Time constraints have prohibited me testing it on a H7 Orange Cube.

(Gal Nitzan) #12

Well, I’m just a hobbyist in its dippers as of yet. I need to learn to walk before I run :smile:.

I shall try the UAVCAN ESC after I shall crash the new one :wink:

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Aux is direct connection two way comms with the FMU

Main is one way protected high current output from the IO chip

Aux has 6 pins
Main has 8 pins

There is no logical reason for any difference between chips in the Aux, other than some cheaper non genuine boards having no protection on the PWM lines.

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(Gal Nitzan) #14

Well, lucky for me I use the Cube :wink:
Thank you

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