Issue with updating UBLOX chip with u-center

hello there! we are building 4x4 autonomous rover using PIXHAWK orange+ and here 3 GPS plus.
i am facing issue with gps.
(1) its not connecting to more then 4-5 satellite at time.
(2) so i thought to update UBLOX chip firmware. so, in that under UAVCAN parameter of HERE 3+ Passthrough parameter is missing.
(3) also not able to able to use GPS RTK. after completing survey and checked all parameter’s where looking fine

please help me out

thank you.

Hi, may I ask few questions ?
How was the oerating environment ?
Can you do a swap test with another GPS unit ?
What RTK unit did you use?
Did you set the RTK by this doc

thanks for your reply. here are the answer for the following question:

  1. operating environment was an open ground that was clear to sky, i was getting only 7 satts. i guess my HERE Was only connecting to GPS satellites. i think Its not getting connected to GLONASS and other satts. and also not able to upgrade firmware of ublox chip. following the same step on manual still showing the error in u-center.
  2. i dont have another HERE3 gps module so i cannot swap it and test.
  3. i am using HERE+ RTK base station base station is working perfectly fine also done the survey got the accuracy of 0.25m also got Fixed LLA and HERE3+ GPS on board.
  4. yes u have set it by the manual.

Can you please share a bin log if you do not mind ?

where can i find the bin log?

The log will be recorded in your cube sd card, please check the link below
As the defult set, you will start record the log right after disarm.
Please make sure LOG_BITMASK and LOG_DISARMED been setted correctly.
Or you can set LOG_DISARMED to record the log right after powered your cube and GPS.

sure im attaching the log file data also it has the parameter list of my rover.