Low sat count - max 12

Hi. New Here2 arrived from supplier. Am using it in serial mode but its apparently got latest firmware to use can.

Have left it on most of day but mostly get 9-11 sats, occasionally 12. Old unit (with other issues) regularly got up to 20 in this location.
Have attempted to check settings using pixhawk passthrough on u-center. It connects but drops of after about one minute. Copter is battery powered.

Getting this info from u-center. Is all correct? I cant select other constelation groups, it just returns to this setting. Also showing 32 channels. Thought the M8N had 72?
Looks like this number of sats means its getting GPS only.

Any help please. I do hope its not another unit with a problem.

Your settings are not correct. Check ardupilot, the parameters there set up which constellations to use.

If you are using Serial mode, have you updated the CAN firmware?

You mean the u-center settings? what should they be? Like I said, its how they were and would not allow me to change.
I forgot about the parameters for GPS. Was on 3 now set to 67. getting 17 sats, better but not like before.

Forget u Center

Have you updated the here gps via mission planner?

If not, then your parameters may not be setting correctly from ardupilot.

3DXR sent updated Here2.
Actually it took a few minutes after setting constellations to 67 but now getting full count.
Thanks for help.
Is there any advantage to CAN mode?

Yes!! CAN all the way!

I2C was never designed for this. CAN is robust, I2C is error prone

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Is there a definitive instruction set for using the here 2 with can? I had a new one from 3dxr. Using latest mission planner and stable firmware and I had zero luck with it.

The old serial connection is just plug and play. Any idea when the can system will be similarly simple to setup?

As soon as 3.7 is released it will be easier

It’s a chicken and egg thing

This is why we have serial still available

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