MISSION PLANNER role on Herelink + Here RTK integration

Hello to everybody

I am currently integrating a multirotor which will have cube autopilot and herelink as telemetry and control link. I would like to include RTK in the system, not sure about here or emlid at this moment. After reading the forum, my understanding of the situation about rtk integration with herelink is:

  • Here RTK cannot be directly connected (via USB) to the herelink controller.
  • The working set-up consists on connecting Ground Here RTK to a laptop which shares network with herelink controller, and using MP to manage the connection.

If my understanding is ok, my question is: what is the purpose of the mission planner software? Does it perform some kind of data processing or it is working as a serial-udp bridge? If it were the case, could I do that task with another kind of software (and, lately, in another kind of hardware such as raspberry pi or similar)?

Thanks in advance to everybody