Multi Video Setting on Herelink


Just noticed that in the Herelink Settings App / Air Unit tab there is a switch to activate „Multi Video“.

Is there any function behind this already?



No. This is not ready and is disabled at the moment.

Ok, Thanks.

Hi Alvin! Is there a prevision on when this function will be avaible?
Right now it “kinda” works enabling “Multi Video”
We can get double video stream with arducopter firmware and mission planner stream via hotspot. Sometimes it works great! But sometimes it won’t start the second video stream.

Thank you for your help.

We still can’t guarantee any schedule about this.
And yes it is now kind of works. Put on a fan on the air unit if you want to try.

Hi Alvin, thanks for the hint.
Yesterday we updated the air Unit from firmware AAU01210415 to the latest AAU01211129.

Now in the AIRUNIT tab the toggle “multi video” is gone.
Is there a way to enable this with new firmware or we need to downgrade the Airunit?

BTW how to downgrade the airunit to the AAU01210415?
Thanks you for your help.

Hi there,
can somebody tell me how to downgrade the airunit firmware to the AAU01210415?

The AAU01210415 is the firmware which is included in the Herelink Stable June 2021 - #13 by MadRC

the last update however bring the firmware to the AAU01211129.
Thanks in advance for any help.

There are no way to roll back as not running latest firmware is not a good practice.

The option is removed because it is not ready yet. It is hidden as advance function and would require adb to enable it.

ok, Is there a simple way to turn it on using ADB?
We would like to try to use this function. The previous firmware wasn’t so bad!
Thanks for help.

You will need to connect to each unit via adb (gcs and air unit) and run

adb shell setprop persist.multiple.videostream true

and reboot

After that you can access the 2 streams at


Ensure something valid is connected to hdmi1 also

otherwise hdmi2 wont work

Remember to add a fan to cool down the air unit or it will get overheated soon.

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