No compass detected

HI. Why my mission planner doesn’t detect compasses I have orange cube and here v2. I’m using the latest beta for copter. Mission planner detect me only one compass. I have a connect Here v2 on can 2 port.

Why are you connecting a herev2 to an orange in I2C mode? Please connect via CAN mode.

I have connected here v2 to can. Gps works. only the compass has poor health. Only one compass is detected.

If I connect here v2 on gps 1 port work fine. Mission planner detect all compass. In CAN mode work bad because compass are not detected.

UAVCAN params is empty.

If I connect here v2 on CAN 2 mission planer do not find compass of here v2. If I conect here v2 on gps 1 mission planner find two compas one of orange cube and one of here v2. I do not know what I do wrong.

Still does not detect both compasses.

Connect to CAN1

it still detects only 1 compass

post a log file?
where did you get the parameters from that are on this vehicle?

I can not get log file.

I set here v2 according to these instructions.

did you update the firmware?

you need to enable logging while disarmed

even after updating copter to today’s version and after updating MP, only one compass is still detected.