No GPS - Here3+

I’m using:

  • Cube H7
  • ArduPilot v4.5.3
  • Here3+

I have followed the following directions with ArduPilot to configure the device: Here 3 Manual | CubePilot

The Compass’s SPI device is shown, but the UAVCAN for the GPS is missing. The status of the GPS is No GPS.


I swapped this GPS out for another (of the same model) and this device works, status goes to Not Fixed and the devices are shown with MAVlink-CAN2.

Swapping back to the original GPS and again there is no device.

Also tested the wires’ connectivity with an ohmmeter and determined these are working. And re-plugged the cabling to ensure connections. Switching to second CAN wires didn’t result in the GPS working. Although the compass still registered.