No image HereLink HDMI 720p (WIRIS PRO)

I have a WIRIS 640 camera. This camera has an HDMI output setting of 1280x720. I downloaded the files from the google drive and ran the .bat file. However, there is no way I can get the image on Herelink. Does anyone have any idea what I can do without using an external HDMI converter?

Wiris 640 is running with herelink. With the update everything is fine. Sure you updated the air module?

… and be sure having the android drivers for flashing

The air module has been updated. I guess I haven’t encountered any rare problems. What’s with these android flashing drivers? Can you explain what to do about it?

Did you update the Wiris to newest firmware?
The network port is not used, right?
Not sure, but the Wiris sets itself in HDMI mode if no ETH is connected. Might be that there is a setting with which the Wiris ist blocked into Ethernet mode and nit displaying via HDMI

This is not a Wiris Pro, it is also not a second generation Wiris. The camera does not have an ethernet output. The camera also cannot be updated to the latest version as it is no longer supported. The only output it has is HDMI, USB.

The camera is definitely functional because I connected it to an external display, and also connected it to the connex and everything works fine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Herelink.

hi Marcin, did you find a solution?

So far I have not been able to find a solution.

well i had the same problem with the PRO. The update worked fine for that, however i have just connected a wiris2 and i am not having much success.
it has connected once - the display wasn’t aligned properly. i had the camera powered externally, RC on the powered the drone up. as the green loading bar was filling i uplugged and reconnected the HDMI and i got the picture. I disconnected it after a while and reconnected it and the picture came back.
Since that time i have tried about 20 times and cannot get the picture back.

i am going to try this tomorrow to see if that helps : Doctor HDMI solves problems related to HDMI such as compatibility problems: PC & Video Games

i know the resolution is 1260x720 as it works fine on other monitors.

Let me know if it helps. If it’s okay, I’ll have to apply it. Greetings.

@Michael_Oborne is this solution built in to the latest update for the Herelink and/or is it compatible with the newest update? I’m worried that updating will make it so that I can’t use my Wiris anymore.

I had the same issues with compatibility, we are not alone, seems that developers don’t care at all.

Hello @Marcin,

Did you manage to make it work? I cannot get the WIris 2nd Gen to work.


There is a broad group working with wiris on this. No news yet though