No image HereLink HDMI 720p (WIRIS PRO)


I have an issue with HereLink, I can’t have the image on remote with Workswell WIRIS PRO.
No issue with Sony A7S2 / A7R3 or BMMSC

I already try to disable 1080p video on video stream setting.

Latest version (available on on Air and Remote.

Any suggestion or idee?

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Unfortunately with camera compatibility, we can only test what we have on hand. Unfortunately HDMI compatible doesn’t always mean compatible

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The beginning of a solution.

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Can you contact workswell and let them test wiris Pro with HereLink. They may provide better solution.

Hi Laurent,

We have got the same SCART/HDMI converter and it works. Thanks for sharing! However, we need to provide 5V to the board to make it work. Can you share how you make it work without additional power? Thanks in advance.


Hi Philip,
we need to get the Wiris Pro working with Herelink. I talked to Workswell this morning and they told me, that you are currently working on it and the update, fix is ready soon. Any chance to have it by tomorrow? Sorry for this time frame but we were suprised about this fact and would like to deliver the drone with herelink and not with other equipment.

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are you happy to beta test a new firmware?
this will require skills with adb etc to upload the new kernel.

here are the files that are needed to test 720p video on herelink air

Just run the included bat file

open link > select all files > right click > download


Workswell! Thank @3DXR for testing!


Hello Michael,

What is the supported resolution in this firmware?

1080p and 720p

Any details about the frame rate?

ive tested up to 60hz

Sorry for not having answered earlier.
I don’t have skills using adb etc…
I assume running the .bat is the only thing I have to do?
Of course with the air unit connecte to the laptop.

test done, is working. Thanks

I am using a Wiris Security with a Herelink and used this mod without success. Is there any solution for this?

Hey Christian - do you have instructions on how you updated the firmware? I’ve gone down multiple youtube adb rabbit holes this morning and am having zero luck…

I appreciate your (or the community’s) help!

Hi, I basically ran the .bat file and the update was done.

Thanks Chris. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong then…

  1. I downloaded the files and unzipped them.
  2. I power on the RC normally and connect it to my PC.
  3. I double click the .bat file
  4. A quick cmd line program runs and the RC goes into Fastboot but nothing else seems to happen…

Did I miss a step?