No more CAN frame from Here3

My Here3, connected to a CubePilot, used to work fine. Now, without any FW change or connection change, the Here3 LEDs blinks blue a few time after a power up and then nothing after. I have a CAN sniffer and I see some period frames from the CubePilot but not from the Here3 as I used to see before. Also, Mission planner doesn’t see the Here3 anymore.

Any advice about the problem? Should I get it replaced?

Can you scan the Here3 on SLCAN? If it is still detectable, you may try to reflash its firmware again.

Hi Alvin,
The SLCAN doesn’t find any device and the Inspector window doesn’t show anything. In the past, I was able to see the info from the Here3.

Can you try to supply independent power to the Here3? without relying on Cube’s power.

The following picture show the power supply on the CAN bus with the CubePilot disconnected. The power is coming from a power supply.

You may contact your local reseller to send it back for inspection.
It looks like the firmware in your Here3 has corrupted, but this shouldn’t happen when you were simply booting up the unit.