Only video QGC but not with Solex

I see only video in QGC but not with Solex. Camera is Panasonic GH4. In QGC I get only picture in 1080/60P mode. Not in 30P.

Please add 25P. Very important for Europe.

Have you terminated another app when you switch between QGC and Solex?
Is everything good except video?

Yes I have terminated QGC. I get message “video not supported” from Soelx but it is supported from QGC. It’s 108p30 video source.
I have nothing else connected. I only need video transmission.

I am not sure if Panasonic GH4 will work perfectly. You may have a look at the the
compatible camera list discussion

Can you also try to connect the Herelink to a autopilot before trying to get the video? Just in case.

How to connect to an autopilot?

Connect the air unit to a Cube. Sometimes some of the feature may get stuck when not connected to a flight controller.