Original Here GPS spec, information and firmware

I have inherited a couple of original Here GPS units and have looked on the Cubepilot docs for specs, config info and firmware info and cannot see any information for them.

I can only see Here+V2, Here 2, Here 3 and Here Pro information.

Is the information for original Here GPS units in a different place? Or is it the same as another type or unit?


Hi James, do you mean here+( original Here GPS) ?
Can you please share a picture of these units if yo do not mind?

Hi Mike,

No I mean a Here GPS. There is no plus or number on them.

After some experimentation with a USB UART converter and U-centre they seem to be rocking NEO M8N chipsets. There appears to be two slightly different versions, both from the same case style as shown. One has a single mag on it the other has a pair of mags on it.

Ignore the slightly slanted GH connector on the dual Mag one. It was repaired by me and the solder job wasn’t quite square. And ignore the small bulge between the safety button and the edge of the case. that is where a bolt that was slightly too long was used to hold the cable on by someone else.

I’ll be back with an edit shortly as to what compasses report in mission planner… Need to change OS real quick.

EDIT: nipped into windows for mission planner and the single mag one reports an AK09916 in the compass screen and the dual mag one reports a HMC5883 in the compass screen. I have five of these here units in total. Mix of single and dual mags which seems to be the only difference between them.

FWIW. I called these original Here GPSes as the Cubepilot naming scheme for iterations of a product seems to be either/or calling it a plus version or incrementing a number. So i took a guess that the Here+ is the incremented version of a Here GPS.

@Mike_ZY Do you know any more about these units?


It’s look same model with my kit and now i will find a solution to update firmware, I’m post in this forum 2 hour before.