Power Supply?

What would be a good power supply for the Air unit? I am planning to use 6s batteries and a Pixhawk cube. Can I power the Airunit from the pixhawk? Or can I power it from the powermodule that comes with the pixhawk?

Air Unit is 5-12v with I believe a 4 watt max draw (pretty sure I saw that spec somewhere, i’ll find it and follow up). If you’ve got a 6s system i’d just get a buck converter (BEC) (that supports 6s input) and set/get one with a voltage in the 5-12v range and verify it has the current capacity based on the voltage you select to support the max power draw.
I use this: https://www.readymaderc.com/products/details/matek-ubec-duo-esc-4a-12v-5v?gclid=CjwKCAiAgqDxBRBTEiwA59eENyrIJ7XvDW3Mlgj3d0ebey2fA_7JUr_9wA_5iGhDXVMQ1Ox4_yxEkxoCf20QAvD_BwE
Haven’t had an issue and can run other peripherals off it as well.

See @philip ‘s post/SB about not powering off the rail

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Apologies, less than 4 watts is average. Not 4 watts max.
“Power consumption: the average power consumption of the single-sided module is less than 4W” from 3DXR product description

Ok, just what I was looking for, a second power supply (or just a general upgraded one) sounds like the right thing (and I can use it for other stuff). The power supply that comes with the cube could possibly be used, but I haven’t found great tech specs since I think they may be just throw in a cheap one.

(My only hesitation in ordering the HereLink is the lack of any updates for the past 6-7 months, I assume it isn’t dead yet?)

You could attach the BEC to the power brick and that could be treated as your bus, few ways to do it. I personally love the Herelink, think the lack of updates is due to them rolling in Solex which seems like a pretty major undertaking.

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2S battery is best

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so which voltage is the best for maximum range , i’m so confused ?

Size the mA rating accordingly for the time you want it to run.

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I used 2s 800mA battery and i test it for 30 minutes and it seems like ok to me.

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Hello…Check your AMP reading for your unit. Extension cords come in various amp ratings and in your case a heavy duty 15 or 16 amp cord may be necessary. Too light of a amp rated cord would heat up and may cause a fire. That is probably why the instructions say not to use an extension cord since most are low amp rated and the mfg could be held liable as most consumers do not know the difference.
And yes it is safe to use the proper rated extension cord.

I’ve used 2 different 12v stepdown converters putting out 12v and blown exactly 2 herelink air units. 5v will not power the unit well enough to be consistent and just shuts down if you try to plug an hdmi video feed in.