Problem setup here3 GPS (CAN) and Emlid M2 as 2nd GPS

Hi all
want to ask something about pixhawk with RTK emlid module…
hardware is pixhawk cube orange running latest arducopter…

my last configuration was here2 (I2c) as GPS1, and emlid m2 as GPS2 (RTK) that works great, all satcount showing satellite and GPS2 get RTK fixed…

now I’ve replace here2 with here3 (CAN bus) but emlid as GPS2 not showing satcount…
GPS1 works fine…
emlid m2 using serial to GPS2 port

is pixhawk cant handle CAN and serial for all GPS at same time?


Have you setup the parameters correctly?

I guess the GPS2 settings maybe incorrect?

I only change gps1 param to work with here3 (CAN)

and this is for gps2 param

The problem is your 2nd GPS plugging in GPS2 port.
In CAN configuration, CAN GPS is recognized as first GPS. If you plug your I2C GPS1, everything will be find.
In your case, ardupilot skips checking GPS2 data as there are nothing on GPS1 port. To solve this, set SERIAL3_PROTOCOL to anything other than 5 (GPS). Then GPS1 will no longer be checked for GPS data.
You will be able to use CAN+GPS2

oh okay
I will try change serial3 configuration
thanks for your support

the setting is work, now both GPS showing satcount…

but GPS status never show rtk float or rtk fixed, already start rtk gps inject with wi-fi connection from base to GCS laptop,
I set gps inject : to 2nd GPS
trying with 30 minutes for warming up

Can you show me your RTK inject page in Mission Planner?

the RTK already good, I need to wait for long time (35mins) maybe because cloudy weather
will try again at next day
thank you for your support

I wonder what is the accuracy showing here when you were unable to get rtk float.

Were you using a flesh new survey or pre-saved survey?