Problem with herelink on px4, twitchy servos/demanded angles

Hey! So i’ve been flying an aircraft on crossfire and am finally moving to a herelink. But every time i move to a herelink receiver the servos end up very twitchy. Surprisingly enough, the servos are fine when i move the aircraft around in stabilize mode

Here’s the same graph with crossfire:

What could be causing this?

In the settings screen on herelink, is the joystick looking stable?

please try moving the antennae around and insure they are not interfering with your Servo’s.

if what you are seeing is the limited resolution of the input sticks, this will be changing in a future software update.

Yeah, looks like everything is stable.

This seems to be it. Thanks, is there any word on when that future software update will be released?

Tempfix here: RC Resolution very low - steps visible