Problems with updating/internet over WiFi


for some reason, I can not use the system update app with my home WiFi(neither using my Orbi mesh nor using a dedicated 5 GHz access point).

Instead, I had to use a WiFi hotspot from my phone. There shouldn’t be anything special about my Network/internet connection except that I do not have any IP4 address (provider only supplies IpV6)

Is there anything I can do despite using my phone?

Do you have access to any other public wifi?

Unfortunatly not :frowning:

I have to add that the system updates app freezes if I use my home WiFi. Furthermore, downloading map data in Solex does not work as well (only with WiFi Hotspot from my phone).

Can you check if the wifi ip range is not within 192.168.0.x ?

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It is definitely 192.168.0.x, I’ll change it this evening and report if it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Changing the IP range to 192.168.1.x solved the problem!

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