Putting Here2 GPS inside plastic housing

We are actually making a USV and we wanted to use a waterproof GPS until the herepro comes out. Is it okay to put the Here 2 GPS inside a plastic housing with Polyurethane coating (truck bedliner) to protect it from being spashed by water. Will it have any significant effect on its position accuracy.

In general, plastics of any reasonable thickness won’t inhibit GPS reception. I guess water pooling on top of the container might, though, so just make sure the water can run off easily if the enclosure is likely to get splashed.

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The Here3 is water resistant, and can be additionally sealed with a sealing layer over all joints.

Contrary to popular opinions, the gps can be affected by many plastics and is actually tuned specifically for the specific case it comes in.


What method would u recommend for protecting the here 2 from splashes without affecting its accuracy too much. Will using a very thin cover which is 3D printed using ABS affect it significantly ?

Silicone conformal coating. MG chemicals makes a good product.

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use a here3…