QGC freezes mid flight in Stable Release

Hello Team,

I recently updated my Here link remote units to your stable release “SRU01200616” version. The off the shelf QGC app freezes mid-flight. This can be easily recreated. We recreated this across multiple remote units on various flights. Following things are to be noted:

  1. There is no modification to the Herelink remote units whatsoever. They are completely off the shelf updated to the new firmware.
  2. We were not facing this issue in Beta version.
  3. Only the app freezes in each case. The android system works fine. I can navigate through the rest of the android system, kill the app and restart it.
  4. Memory details: Average memory usage 1.2 gb. Free memory at the time of freeze was 550mb.
  5. We conducted more tests without plugging in camera. We didn’t encouter app freezing in the case. It may indicate that it has something to do with video.

I have the video of the app in unresponsive state. This forum doesn’t let me upload a video. Let me know if you need it, I can email it.

Please help as this is a critical issue in the system.


then please tell us how.

Sure. By easily, I meant we have been able to recreate it multiple times. All we do is the following and it freezes.

  1. We fly the drone in mission with Go Pro Hero 7.
  2. We fly the drone in mission mode.
  3. We give multiple small 100m missions.
  4. It freezes after a while in as soon as 5 minutes and sometimes in an hour.

I have the video. Let me know if I can share it with you.

We have been able to recreate it in SITL testing also, if that helps.

Could you tell me what could lead to such issues?

i think you might need to provide a qgc log. to trace it. herelink on new firmware’s runs almost stock qgc

Yes, I am working on getting the logcat output of QGC. Will share asap.

I am experiencing the same issue! I actually could reproduce it in the lab without a mission. I was just taking geotaged images and QGC is displaying a camera icon on every place I took a picture. Once I get a certain amount of pictures, around 400, QGC starts to react slower. At some point it is impossible to control. If then restart QGC there is no problem anymore. If I repeat the operation, the problem occurs over and over.

Any news here?

I have the same behavior with the images. @Michael_Oborne it would be good if QGC deletes the track after x points as Mission Planner :cupid: does it. I fly missions with far more than 1.000 images and it is an issue for our customers too as soon as they will extend the duration of their missions.

thank you for this extra bit of info. without it could have been trying to chase this forever. as nobody provided a log/ steps on how to reproduce

Cool if that did help.

I have some more inputs if you change something:

  1. the vehicle arrow is somehow below the camera symbols layer and is not visible if the vehicle crosses its previous flight path (e.g. on RTL after a mapping mission).
  2. it would be great if the maximum zoom could be controlled. I did try some Typha seeding with my drone and did fly only 5 m AGL and with a 2 m spacing. Unfortunately it was impossible to select the next waypoint (after battery change) on the flight screen because I could not zoom in far enough.
  3. please implement some things which are already in Mission Planner and which are great, e.g. set pwm values for servos and switch relays and choose a waypoint or change the vehicle speed.

Just saw this topic looking for unrelated stuff, this was actually a bug in mainstream QGC, it has been solved in this PR:

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