Range Extender - Herelink

Hi, I need to extend the range of the Herelink, we want to use it in *Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environment.
Which “range extender” would you recommend? What should be its characteristics?
What do you think of these ones ?

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We cannot recommend any range extender as it would render the FCC certificate invalid.

But I’m sure others will be interested in the outcome of your testing

Hi. I am interested in expand range of herelink too.
What range are you reaching with your system and what range do you want to reach to?
I believe that improvement of herelink antennas can help expand the range effectively before you invesment to boosters!
You can try some kind of antennas below:

High sensivity/gain ground antennas could be enough ?
What is the range you want to reach ?

Hi, after some research I found out that I am more interested in having ‘antenna extension’ instead of a signal repeater. What I mean is to plug a long cable (several meters) instead of the antena and to have a box with the antenna at the end of this long cable. With such a solution you can put the box in another closed room where the pilot cannot stand and thus have signal in this room.

  • Does the Herelink switch between the actual two antenna like a diversity receiver/transmitter ? Thus if one of the two antenna is removed or broken, is it still working ?

Correct. Diversity

Hi, I can find a cable (length 20m, no amplifier) that I can directly plug on the Herelink/GroundUnit to extend the range. The Herelink antenna are then plugged on the cable, 20m away from the Herelink.
The cable has a 4.7dB loss. Do you think the system will still fully work with this loss ?

Does not sound like a good idea to me.

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