Read NMEA output from Here3 gps

I am trying to get NMEA output from a Here3 GPS. To do that I connected the GPS to a Pixhawk Cube Orange, and connected to u-center through Mission Planner. But the only output I see is UBX messages.
I tried to enable NMEA in the messages view but it didn’t change anything. I also tried to change the input/output in the Ports configuration, but I don’t see CAN bus, only UART, I2C, USB and SPI.

Is it even possible to output NMEA from this GPS? if so, can someone help me do it?

Thank you in advance

What method are you attempting to receive the output with?

I am doing a serial passthrough from Mission Planner to u-center and I’m watching the output of the GPS there in the console

Is the Pixhawk a means to an end or is it required? I ask because I would think with the proper wiring and maybe an FT232 you could directly interface with the HERE3 chipset.

Is the HERE3 a required piece of gear or was it simply a GPS at hand for the problem at hand?

The HERE3 is the GPS that was recommended to us, they said the Pixhawk Cube works best with it. And we did see a major improvement with it over our previous GPS (a Holybro M8N pixhawk module), it is much more accurate and looks a lot more stable on the Mission Planner.

Currently we don’t have a choice but to use the Pixhawk, but if you have another way to configure the HERE3, or maybe suggest a different GPS I’ll gladly give it a shot.

Can you explain a little bit more about your end goal? I’m guessing you want to get GPS data and do something with it that GCS does not currently do?

My end goal is to read the output of the GPS into a Jetson Nano and pass it to the pixhawk, and eventually ditch the GPS altogether (but that is a long way to go). I just need to make sure that the GPS output is in NMEA format, that is a requirement. Currently it is in UBX format, that is why I am looking for a way to change it.

Output from GPS into Nano and then pass to the pixhawk. Why not from the pixhawk to the Nano?

I don’t understand what you mean. I need to send the coordinates to the pixhawk, so I need to make sure they are in NMEA format before they reach it. The Nano is currently irrelevant. I just need to make sure the GPS output is in NMEA, that is it.

Why would you not make it simpler and connect the GPS to the Pixhawk? I don’t understand the need to have an intermediary device such as a Nano between the GPS and the Pixhawk.

Because eventually we want to get rid of the GPS and sort of substitute it with the Nano. But we want to do a test first that simply takes the output of the GPS and sends it to the Nano. But it has to be in NMEA format.

So you’re trying to send NMEA strings to the pixhawk using code of some sort on the nano?

Yes it is a simple Python program to read from the serial port of the GPS and send to the pixhawk, nothing special. I’m not doing anything to the GPS output.

I’ll tell you, I recently started working on something similar and thus all the questions. Would I be able to review the Python in question and share my thoughts?